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Our Firm 

People-Assetz is a business and marketing consulting firm. We support a multitude of customers namely industrial manufacturing companies, private equity companies and investment management firms.  Each type of customer brings in unique challenges such as growing in a new region, formulating an acquisition strategy, evaluating a new technology or firm.  We focus on helping customers address their challenges and develop a plan to grow their businesses. 

Focus Areas - Market Expansion 

People-Assetz helps clients develop a road-map for regional expansion specially in South Asia e.g. India.  The firm partners with several experts based in India to define various aspects of business growth.  Recent clients have benefited from this network to formulate a business plan of driving growth with an existing business unit or establishing a new business venture.  People-Assetz can help clients develop the best channel to market, identify customer segments, channel partners, distributors etc.  

Focus Area - Market Analytics 

People-Assetz supports clients with basic market analytics backed with a strong execution plan.  The firm’s key mantra is to have strong market analytics to support the business plan.  We work with clients to develop execution plan on various business aspects such as growing sales, growing market share with new product launch etc.  The key areas of focus include the following:
  • Business strategy & organization design 
  • Market analysis 
  • Sales channel management 
  • Market penetration 
  • Product launch 
  • Pricing analysis

Focus Area - Salesforce Effectiveness with Digitization 

People Assetz supports clients with various aspects of salesforce effectiveness such as:

  • Defining key metrics for sales team, setting up sales organizations

  • Alignment of sales team across regions/products/customer segments

  • Develop tools to automate, track and manage sales pipeline and drive productivity in the organization.  We have the capability to develop IT solutions for various strategic initiatives thereby ensuring the strategic solution leads to long lasting business transformation.  

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