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Sillouette of Wind Turbine

Recent Projects 

Digitization Projects

  • Provided guidance on setting up Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems for a midstream gas company

  • Supported evaluation of CPQ (Configure-price-quote) software solutions

  • Evaluated 5G-IoT market impact for industrial customers focused on digitization


Simplification Projects

  • Provided guidance on setting up continuous improvement programs

  • Supported a client to improve its communication team to ensure targeted messaging for both internal and external stakeholders

Salesforce Effectiveness

  • Developed a virtual sales organization structure for a B2B client

  • Evaluated the challenges faced by a B2B sales team

  • Support a durable goods manufacturer evaluate channel conflict for its products sold through its dealers/distributors (B2B) and consumers (D2C) channels

  • Supported a specialty chemical company set up and host customer visits at a company-owned customer experience center for the B2B/industrials sector

  • Supported a client with implementation of deal making solutions (e.g. CPQ, quoting, B2B pricing, sales enablement)


Power Generation Market assessment Projects

  • Developed an overview of the distributed power generation space

  • Provided an overview of a manufacturer of reciprocating engines used in the power generation space

  • Supported a cement manufacturer evaluate gas turbine vs reciprocating engine for meeting 55MW of captive power requirement.

  • Supported a client understand the microgrid market – value chain, forecast, key customers, overall landscape.

  • Provided an overview of module casing for power plants, especially for HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator)

  • Provided an overview of the US Power generation market with evaluation of various fuel types – coal, gas, wind, solar and biomass

Industrial Service Projects

  • Supported a large-scale agricultural equipment manufacturer with the organization design of aftermarket service team

  • Supported a private equity firm with evaluation of 3rd party companies offering servicing for various OEM equipment

  • Provided a client an overview of maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services for process equipment such as motors, pumps, valves, compressors, and boilers

Industrial Projects 

  • Provided overview of Indian railways with focus on diesel locomotive manufacturing

  • Provided an overview of the electric motor industry and its applications

  • Provided an overview of the micro-LNG space as a potential growth area

  • Supported an investment management firm evaluate ambient air monitoring and continuous emissions monitoring technology

  • Supported an investment management firm evaluate the sealing products industry and manufacturers, particularly for O&G segment

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