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Sample projects 

London City
Market penetration 
  • Refinery product in new region … Supported a plan to position a refinery product in Middle East to meet region’s power demand

Glass Ceiling
Business strategy & organization design 
  • Power Electronics industry… Deployed commercial processes, re-designed 500 person global sales organization to accomplish business growth objectives.

  • Coal plant strategy … Developed go-to-market strategy and commercialization plan for coal plant product

New Product.jpg
Product launch 
  • Europe turbine product launch … Conducted a study to analyze European market for a new product launch to determine right timing and prioritizing R&D expenditure

  • Biomass power generation product … Supported launch of a new product in a new region as part of business’ fuel diversification strategy

Dollar Bills
Pricing analysis n
  • Aviation Industry … Segmented customers and developed a pricing tool to predict customer discounts for aircraft engine parts 

  • Healthcare Industry … Developed a cross P&L pricing model to align with the strategic business objectives

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