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Integrated Strategy Key for Digital Transformation

People Assetz recently conducted a survey to evaluate how companies are adopting digitization to improve business productivity to deal with the slowdown due to COVID-19. Below are the survey results and three key takeaways:

1. Firms believe digitization is important, but unclear how to implement

- 87% of the respondents believe that digitization will streamline business operations

- Only 26% of respondents are planning to implement new IT tools

- 65% of respondents are not sure or do not plan to implement new tools

2. Several firms have some IT tools in place though operating disparately

- 61% of respondents currently have some sort of sales digitization tools

- 43% of respondents currently have business operation/execution tools

- For firms that already have both sales and business operation IT tools, only 43% had any sort of integration across various IT programs

3. Integration and cohesive IT strategy is unclear to most firms

- 74% of the users are unsure about techniques on integration IT solutions

- Of those planning to install new tools, only 23% are thinking of integrating IT solutions

The survey results clearly show that there is a lot of value firms are putting on digitization and see the importance of adopting new ways to improve business operations. However, most are thinking of digitization as implementation of a tool. Key for stakeholders is to implement IT strategy tied with the business strategy to improve business operations. To drive real business transformation using digitization, the CIO’s will need to work closely with the CEO on business strategy.

People Assetz has provided consulting services to clients to support their digital transformation and can help develop digital solutions to tie in with the business transformation.

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