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“Strategy & Digitization” together drive business transformation

Business transformation, business growth or dealing with the current COVID-19 global pandemic all have one thing in common – developing a sound business strategy. However, developing strategy is one piece of the equation, the other piece is to have a strong implementation plan specially if it involves driving cultural change. Change management requires adopting a new way of doing things and eliminating older processes for implementing the same task. Using the right technology not only is key in driving business change but also leads to simplification, reducing cost and improving business productivity.

People Assetz, a strategy consulting firm, has been providing strategic insights to clients on various business topics across multiple industries. Recently, we have added capability to develop IT solutions for various strategic initiatives thereby ensuring the strategic solution leads to long lasting business transformation. There are various areas where we can support clients with strategy, IT development and some are listed below:

  1. Salesforce effectiveness: Develop tools to automate, track and manage sales pipeline and drive productivity in the organization. The key is to integrate existing tools, if any, to increase sales productivity. As an example, a manufacturer was seeing long cycle time to submit proposals for their products. We simplified and streamlined the bidding process by integrating, Big Machines and Octiv thereby reducing the cycle time from 3 weeks to a few hours.

  2. Pricing analysis: Develop pricing strategy based on detailed pricing analytics that vary by products, geographies, customer types etc. We can develop user friendly apps that can streamline pricing methodology and ensure consistent pricing across the company.

  3. Market analytics: Conduct market analytics such as market sizing, customer segmentation, channel strategy, product selection and product launch. We can develop customized tools to ensure these business strategies are coupled with the IT implementation plan. For example, build tools/apps to segment customers based on past buying behavior e.g. volume of products sold and align future pricing/discounting strategy with this historical customer behavior.

  4. Digital Adoption: Two aspects of driving adoption are training employees and setting KPI dashboards for the leadership team to gauge tools usage. We can assist with both training & developing KPI’s to ensure tools deliver the intended business productivity.

Sachin Nijhawan is a Partner at People-Assetz consulting firm. He has over 20 years experience including 15 years as an executive at General Electric Company.

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